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11 March 2016

How to prepare for Competitive Exam Without Coaching

If you are not interested to pay heavy fee to the coaching centers, so There are many people who have qualified competitive exams successfully even without coaching.But this does not mean one cannot succeed in competitive exams without the help of a coaching institute.

Below are the tips to prepare for competitive exams without coaching centers.

  1. Regular studies everyday:
The best times is like in the early mornings before college or office hours and again in the evenings if possible.Regular touch with books and syllabus is essential till appearing for exam. But do not neglect health, diet and proper rest.

   2.  One needs thorough completion of syllabus:
Question paper in competitive exam covers any part of the syllabus mentioned.
  • First check the syllabus required to study for exam.
  • Gather standard books and notes to study the syllabus.
   3.   Solving previous exam papers:
Solving previous exam paper is very interesting and also very much required.The technique is to revise the entire syllabus once and then go for answering a previous question paper and evaluating your ability.
  4.   Multiple and effective revisions:
Revise and revise the syllabus as many times as possible. Revision is so important and without revision it is useless to cover new chapters.
  5.  Referring new books or internet for more information:
Few questions in competitive exams seem to be very new or unexpected.Always there are chances of new or surprising questions in exam. so internet information if very important.
 6.  Make a group:
If possible make a group study. Group study helps one cover vast syllabus in short time.    
so, i hope this tips will help you surely to prepare the competitive exams….
so, now do online study with for your exams preparation.

What does kachhua provide?

Video lecture : Here we provide videos in which all important topics are included.By these videos you can learn everything at your home.There is no requirement to go to any coaching class.

Material : Here we provide Online Competitive exam material,which you can read in your PC or mobile.

Test and solution : Here we provide daily online test. The solutions of these tests are also provided,by which you can test yourself that how much you learned and can improve your performance by more practice and preparation..


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