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14 March 2016

How can I Solve Cloze Test Questions easily??

Tips to solve cloze test easily are given here. Try these tips on the cloze test questions.
Read Slowly Slowly
The first step to solve any cloze test question is to read it slowly slowly and understand what it is about. It will help you to develop an idea about the topic. That is why, read the passage slowly slowly at least twice. It will help you to understand the theme of the passage. Once the theme of the text is clear, everything is easy for you. After doing this, you can choose the best possible word out of the given choices.
Connect the Sentences Together
The second thing you should keep in your mind is that it is not a set of individual statements, but a passage with sentences that are connected to each other. So attempt the questions keeping this in mind, otherwise there will be a very high chance of committing some silly mistakes. There will definitely be some logical connection between the sentences. Try to understand that connection, your chances of selecting the write option will become high.
Eliminate Process
Well this is the most crucial point. Often we have seen that candidate comes across a situation where he is unable to find the correct option. In such a scenario, first read all the options carefully. Out of these eliminate the option that is least likely to be correct. This process is called Elimination Process. You can try this by fitting each option one by one in the sentence. Then check the consistency of these options not only with respect to the given sentence but also in context of the entire passage. Review the options again. In this way you can easily eliminate 2 or 3 choices. There is always a great chance of spotting an answer by eliminating all the doubtful options.
Frequently Used Words
Sometimes it happens that, you are confused and unable to decide as to which of the given options to choose. In such case, you should try to see the options again. If you see any word/phrase which is more often used than others, then you may go with that option. It could be a verb, an article, a preposition and so on. If your grammar is strong, it will help you a lot.
Understand the Passage Tone
Passages are always written in particular tone.Understand the Passage tone. Then try to answer the questions based on the author’s perspective. Key is to remain neutral and not letting your opinion and prior knowledge of the topic hamper the theme of the passage. Passages could be narrative, critical, humorous etc. Pick the words that fit in with the tone of the entire passage.
Develop linguistic skills by Reading
This tip will help you in all the topics that are asked in the English language section. You can and must read as much as possible. If you read more, you will have a good vocabulary, better knowledge of the basics of the language. Both of these things will help you a lot in the long run.
Do more and more Practice
Do practice as much as you can. There is no substitute for hard work and practice. Do Practice at least 6 to 7 passages every day. Attempt the passage in which you feel that your accuracy is less than others. After attempting the questions, devote some time in analyzing the questions.
I hope these tips will be helpful for you....
Best of luck...
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