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9 February 2016

Rules for English Grammar

1] Use of “an”

“AN” is used before nouns which begin with a vowel sound (a,e,i,o,u).The initial sound, not the spelling is important. 

2] Little and Much 

Little is used to emphasize there is a small amount of something. Eg. We have made little progress. I have spent a little time in Delhi. 

Much emphasizes a larger amount. Eg. Do you watch much television? 

3] Each and every

When we think about members as individuals we use “each”. Eg. Each seat was covered with a white sheet. 
When we make a general statement for all the individuals we use “every”. Eg. Every child would have milk daily.

4] For and Since

“For” shows a period of time up to now eg. for 4 days, for a long time, 
“Since” shows some point of time in the past. Eg. Since morning, since Monday,

5] Verbs- Singular or plural

Nouns like news, physics, mathematics, measles are plural in form but they are treated as singular.
Nouns like government, audience, company, staff, media, crew are used with both plural and singular verbs

6] Subject verb agreement

Verb must agree with their subject in number and person. The third person singular in the simple present tense is formed by adding “s/es” to the root form.

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