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5 January 2016

LESSON 3 (પાઠ ૩ - મહેનતનો રોટલો)

પાઠ ૩ - મહેનતનો રોટલો  (પન્નાલાલ પટેલ)

આ એક બોધકથા છે. આ પાઠમાં આપેલ વાર્તા પ્રમાણે બીજી અહી વાર્તાઓ મુકેલી છે. જે બાળકોને મદદ રૂપ થશે.

અહી નીચે બીજી એવી અન્ય વાર્તાઓ માટે ક્લિક કરો

મુર્ખ ગધેડો

The Mouse & The Lion

ગુજરાતી વાર્તાઓ (Gujarati Stories ) Click Here

Panchatantra Stories (

001:- What is Panchatantra?
002:- Who is Vishnu Sharma?
003:- The Foolish Lion and the clever Rabbit :(The loss of Friends)
004:- The Sparrow and the Elephant :(The loss of Friends)
005:- The blue Jackal :(The loss of Friends)
006:- The Monkey and the Crocodile :(The loss of Friends)
007:- The greedy Jackal :(The loss of Friends)
008:- The Crafty Crane and the Craftier Crab :(The loss of Friends)
009:- The Monkey and the Wedge :(The loss of Friends)
010:- The Jackal and the Drum :(The loss of Friends)
011:- The Fall and Rise of a Merchant :(The loss of Friends)
012:- The Foolish Sage and the Jackal :(The loss of Friends)
013:- The Flea and the Poor Bug :(The loss of Friends)
014:- The Camel, the Jackal and the Crow :(The loss of Friends)
015:- The Bird pair and the Sea :(The loss of Friends)
016:- The Turtle and two Swans :(The loss of Friends)
017:- Tale of the Three Fish :(The loss of Friends)
018:- Suchimukha and the Monkey :(The loss of Friends)
019:- The Sparrow and the Monkey :(The loss of Friends)
020:- The Foolish Crane and the Mongoose :(The loss of Friends)
021:- The King and the Foolish Monkey :(The loss of Friends)
022:- Two friends :(The loss of Friends)
023:- Shrewd Brahmin :(The loss of Friends)
024:- The Doves and the Hunter :(The Gaining Friends)
025:- Story of The Merchant’s Son :(The Gaining Friends)
026:- The Unlucky Weaver :(The Gaining Friends)
027:- The Rescue of a Deer :(The Gaining Friends)
028:- Elephants and Hares :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
029:- The Cunning Mediator :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
030:- The Brahmin and The Crooks :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
031:- The Brahmin and The Cobra :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
032:- The Hunter and Doves :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
033:- The Old Man, His Young Wife and The Thief :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
034:- The Brahmin, the Thief and the Monster :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
035:- The Tale of Two Snakes :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
036:- Three Brothers :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
037:- The Wedding of the Mouse :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
038:- The Golden Droppings :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
039:- Speaking Cave :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
040:- The Brahmin and Untrustworthy wife :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
041:- The Snake and the Frogs :(Causing Dissension Between Friends)
042:- The Greedy Cobra and the King of Frogs :(Loss of Gains)
043:- The Lion and the Foolish Donkey :(Loss of Gains)
044:- The Story of The Potter :(Loss of Gains)
045:- The Lion and the Jackal :(Loss of Gains)
046:- Man and Woman :(Loss of Gains)
047:- The story of the Donkey :(Loss of Gains)
048:- The story of Syamalaka :(Loss of Gains)
049:- The foolish carpenter :(Loss of Gains)
050:- Greedy Wife :(Loss of Gains)
051:- The Price of Indiscretion :(Loss of Gains)
052:- The Jackal’s Strategy :(Loss of Gains)
053:- Story of the Dog :(Loss of Gains)
054:- The Barber and the Jain Monk :(Imprudence)
055:- The Brahmani and The Mongoose :(Imprudence)
056:- Chakradhara’s story :(Imprudence)
057:- The Lion that Sprang to Life :(Imprudence)
058:- Knowledge and Common sense :(Imprudence)
059:- Two Fish and a Frog :(Imprudence)
060:- Song from Donkey and the Jackal :(Imprudence)
061:- The Story of the Weaver :(Imprudence)
062:- Soma Sharma’s father :(Imprudence)
063:- The King and the Monkey :(Imprudence)
064:- The Bird with Two Heads :(Imprudence)
065:- The Brahmin and the Crab :(Imprudence)
066:- Who is mother? :~Varta :Children :Hindu
067:- The Poor Pundit :~Varta :Children :Hindu
068:- Fight among the fingers :~Varta :Children :Hindu
069:- A Friend in need… :~Varta :Children :Hindu
070:- The Merchant and his Iron :~Varta :Children: Hindu
071:- Devoted Son :~Varta :Children :Hindu
073:- Sphinx :~Varta :Children :History
074:- The Tiger and The Greedy Man :~Varta :Children
075:- Monkey Brothers :~Varta :Children
076:- The Lion and the Jackal :~Varta :Children
077:- The wise Songbird :~Varta :Children
078:- Try Try until you Succeed :~Varta :Children
079:- Charity lives Eternally :~Varta :Children
080:- Big Sheep & Small Sheep :~Varta :Children
081:- Baghaa the Dog :~Varta :Children
082:- Nettles & Butterfly :~Varta :Children
083:- A new Friend in Magical Wood :~Varta :Children
084:- The Not-quite Robbery :~Varta :Children
085:- Who are my Neighbours? :~Varta :Children
086:- Clever Wrestler :~Varta :Children

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