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25 November 2015

Script for Time And Work Rules

If A can do a piece of work in n days, then Time And Work Rules
The work done by A in one day = 1/n
If A is twice as good a workman as B, then A will take half of the time taken by B to complete a piece of work.
If A and B together can do a piece of work in x days, B and C together can do in y days and C and A together can do in z days, then the same work can be done.
This rule can be used in almost every problems.
If M1 persons can do W1 work in D1 days and M2 persons can do W2 works in D2days then we can say
M1D1W2 = M2D2W1
If the persons work T1 and T2 hours per day respectively then the equation gets modified to
M1D1T1W2 = M2D2T2W1
If the persons has efficiency of E1 and E2 respectively then,
M1D1T1E1W2 = M2D2T2E2W1
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