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18 November 2015

Script for english grammar for Revenue Talati

English Grammar for Revenue Talati

Tenses Example

Simple Present: I do my homework every day.
Simple Past: Two years ago, he saw a circus in his town.
Simple Future: If you are having problems, I will help you in your business.
I am going to study maths tomorrow.

Past Continuous: I was listening music when you called yesterday.
Present Continuous: I am doing my homework now.
Future Continuous:  I will be doing my homework when you arrive tonight.
I am going to be studying maths when you arrive tonight.

Present Perfect: I have sent you the report.
Past Perfect: I had done my homework before I went to classes.
Future Perfect: I will have studied every tense by the time I finish this course.

Present Perfect Continuous: I have been doing my homework for two hours.
Past Perfect Continuous: I had been doing my homework for two hours before I went to the classes.
Future Perfect Continuous: I will have been doing homework for over two hours by the time you arrive.

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