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8 October 2015

Script for Reading comprehension Cloze test

Reading comprehension Cloze test

As we know, now days, cloze test is asked generally in all competitive exams...So here are the tips for this section....
Cloze test is a very complex sentence completion test. In this test you will be given a paragraph with few blanks, and you need to fill these blanks from the given alternatives. This test is complex and bit typical because it evaluates candidates Vocabulary power and his understanding of the message of the passage or we can say to test the ability to judge the overall meaning of the given passage.

Tips for solve Cloze Tests

  • To tackle the cloze test, it is advisable to quickly read through the passage before starting to fill the answers. This gives you a fair idea about the content of the passage and with this background choosing appropriate words from the provided answer choices becomes easier. By skim the passage that is given; you can get a brief idea.
  • Read the questions which help to have an idea as you will be focused.
  • Be focused Casual reading is not advisable and don't miss any detail while reading.
  • Make a note of what you read which might help you while you come back in search of answers. (with practice you will be able to do it in no time)
  • If doubt persists re-read the passage to make sure you understand it well before answering.
  • Last and most important point understands the Author’s Tone and answers the questions based on author's opinion rather than your opinion. Don't imagine yourself like author and answer unnecessary questions that are not given in passage.
Cloze Tests provide empirical evidence of how easy a text is to read and understand for a specified target audience. They thus measure reading comprehension, and not just a readability score.

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