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31 October 2015

Script for Highest And Longest in India

Highest And Longest in India 

1. Highest Award => Bharat Ratna
2. Highest Gallantry Award => Param Vir Chakra
3. Longest River in India => The Ganges
4. Longest Tributary river of India => Yamuna
5. Largest Lake => Wular Lake, Kashmir
6. Largest Lake (Saline Water) => Chilka Lake, Orrisa
7. Largest Man-Made Lake => Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam)
8. Largest Fresh Water Lake => Kolleru Lake (Andhra Pradesh)
9. Highest Lake => Devtal Lake, Gadhwal (Uttarakhand)
10. Highest Peak => Karkoram-2 of K-2(8,611 meters)  *Highest Peak in the world is Mount Everest which is in Nepal
11. Longest River Bridge => Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna
12. Largest Populated City => Mumbai
13. Largest State(Area) => Rajasthan
14. Largest State(Population) => Uttar Pradesh
15. Highest rainfall => Cherrapunhi (426 inches per annum)
16. Highest Watefall => Nohkalikai Falls (335 meters, 1100 ft high) in Shora
17. State wise largest area under forest  => Madhya Pradesh
18. Largest Delta => Sunderbans Delta
19. Largest River without Delta => Narmada and Tapti
20. Longest Cantilever Span bridge => Howrah Bridge

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