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7 October 2015

Script for English Synonyms for competitive exam

Now a days, synonyms are asked generally in all competitive exams...So Here is the list of Synonyms....

Important List of Synonyms for Competitive exams

Awful – Horrible
Bad – Inferior
Big: large
Blank: empty
Broad: wide
Center: middle
Commonplace – Boring
Complete – Perfect
Cunning: clever
Dangerous: risky
Eatable: edible
Exact – Specific
Gay: cheerful
Good – Excellent
Huge: enormous
Important – Essential
Interesting - Fascinating
Irrelevant – Useless
Lazy: indolent
Noisy: rowdy
Rude: impolite
Smart – Clever
Stupid – Dumb
Suitable – Uniform
Vacant: empty
Weak: feeble

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