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3 October 2015

Questions and Answers for Freshers Interview

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  • During the interviews so many candidates do not feel comfort even they attended so many interviews before current interview. Let's know how can candidates overcome the stress which felt by them during the interview.So the good idea to overcome the stress during the interview, be prepared for the some commonly asked questions in the interview session by mock interview.
  • We should avoid adding in the resume unnecessary thing and skill which we don’t know. Only mention that things on which you are confident. Your resume should be in impressive manner because it is only thing by which you can shortlist for the interview when you have no reference from backdoor.
Here are the questions which are commonly asked by the interviewers:
  • There is a question asked by the interviewer "Tell me about yourself"
 So for this you should make frame what attribute comes for describing yourself the answer of this question not so long, you can just say about your qualification, your previous work function and what was your profile there, and at last you can also add any specific task which you have done in short that’s it.
  • Interviewers can ask also about their company like " what do you know about our company? "
For handle this question and To avoid the unexpected situation you should do some homework like take some basic information from the reliable sources. If you have some basic information about the company it will be good impression upon the interviewers.
  • The most common question asked by the interviewer is " Why should company  hire you? "
For this your answer should be very clear and logical. You can tell about your strengths and in past what you achieved and how, describe it boldly. Interviewers want to know by this question how you suited for this profile which you have applied. Always remember be honest when you saying something during the interview.
  • Most important thing is your confidence.It is all based on how confident you are.So Be confident...!!
I hope that above information will be helpful to you...

All the Best......!!!

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