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6 October 2015

General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

1. Who was the first Indian lady actress to receive the Padma Shri Award?  
A.  Smita Patil
B.  Nargis Dutt
C.  Meena Kumari
D.  Madhubala
Answer : Nargis Dutt
2. Who was the first actress to get Oscar Award?  
A.  Montgomery
B.  Fairbanks
C.  Janet Gaynor
D.  Charlie Chaplin
Answer : Janet Gaynor
3. Which country awards the Nobel Prize?  
A.  Ireland
B.  Sweden
C.  England
D.  America
Answer : Sweden
4. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?  
A.  Albert Arnold Gore
B.  Mohammed Unnus
C.  Liu Xiaobo
D.  Mohamed Elbaradei
Answer : Liu Xiaobo
5. Who was the first Indian to receive the Magaysay Award?  
A.  Indira Gandhi
B.  TN Seshan
C.  Kiran Bedi
D.  Vinoba Bhave
Answer : Vinoba Bhave
6. Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards are presented to outstanding  
A.  Sportsmen
B.  Scientists
C.  Literary writers
D.  Journalist
Answer : Scientists
7. Who is the first non–Indian to receive the Bharat Ratna?  
A.  Mother Teresa
B.  Zubin Metra
C. Martin Luther King
D.  Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
Answer : Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
8. The first Indian to receive Nobel Prize in Literature was  
A.  C.V. Raman
B.   Mother Terasa
C.  Sarojini Naidu
D.  Rabindranath Tagore
Answer : Rabindranath Tagore
9. The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award is  
A.  Leander Peas
B.  Kapil Dev
C.  Vishwanathan Anand
D.  Limba Ram
Answer : Vishwanathan Anand
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