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30 September 2015

Rules of English for competitive exams

Errors spotting Rules

As we know, Spotting errors is the most important topic to crack the competitive exams.So there are some rules,as given below, which will be helpful to you.

1st Rule - There are some nouns which seems to be plural, but always take a singular verb.
For example, Scenery, Information, advice, innings, machinery, stationery, athletics, ethics, furniture, abuse, fuel, poetry, rice, gram, business, economics, physics, mathematics, issue, bidding, mischief, news, repair, classics, gallows etc.

2nd Rule- There is some nouns which seem to be in singular form, but they are used as plural nouns and always take a plural verb.
For example, Cattle, police, company, gentry, vermin, peasantry, artillery, people etc.

3rd Rule - There are some nouns which are always used in plural form and always take a plural verb.
For example, Trousers, spectacles, stockings, scissors, goods, shorts, measles, alms, premises, thanks, tidings, etc.

4th Rule - Some nouns indicate length, measure, money, weight or number. When they are preceded by a numerical value, their form will remain unchanged.
For example, Year, head, pair, foot, dozen, meter, score, hundred, thousand, million.

5th Rule- Collective nouns can be singular or plural. It depends on how they are used in a sentence.
For Example, Jury, orchestra, public, team, committee, government, audience, company, etc...
1) Singular collective nouns - The team has not come yet.
2) Plural collective nouns - The team have new t-shirts this year.

6th Rule- When two singular nouns pointing out the same thing or person, are joined by using 'and', than the verb will be singular,
For example, Bread and butter make a good breakfast. 

7th Rule- When anything happened in the past and still continues in the present, the perfect continuous tense form of the verb should be used.

8th Rule- Two or more adjectives showing the qualities of same man or thing, must be in the same degree.
9th Rule - Some adjective always remain form of positive degree i.e. form of adjective which does not show a comparison.
For example, annual, absolute, circular, chief, entire, extreme, right, perfect, round, whole, universe, complete, etc.

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