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18 September 2015

GK Short tricks

1] Indian States touching Pakistan: PARAG JAMMU GAYA

   1. P = Punjab
   2. RA = RAjasthan
   3. G = Gujarat
   4. Jammu = J&K

2] Indian States Touching Bangladesh: BAP MERA MITRA

1. BA =BAngladesh
2. P =Pacchim (west) Bengal 
3. ME = Meghalaya
4. A = Assam
5. MI = MIzoram
6. TR = TRipura

3] Indian States Touching Nepal: Sabka. Baap Upper Wala.

S - Sikkim
B - Bihar
U - Uttar Pradesh
W - West Bengal

4] States with Bicameral Legislature: KUMB  JAT

K - Karnataka 
U - Uttar Pradesh
M - Maharashtra
B - BiharJ - Jammu and Kashmir 
A - Andhra Pradesh
T - Telengana

5] Seven Sisters India: ATM ANA MAMI

A- Assam 
T- Tripura 
A- Arunachal Pradesh 
NA - NAgaland 
MA- MAnipur 
MI- Mizoram

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