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14 September 2015

English Grammar for Revenue Talati

1). Every human being is ________to the Almighty for his actions on earth.
       A. Faithful
       B. Liable
       C. Accountable
       D. Approach
       E. None of these

Ans : Accountable

2). All jobs are respectable ________of their nature.
     A. Immaterial
    C. Irrespective
    D. Irresponsible
    E. None of these

Ans : Irrespective

     A. Clumsy
    B. Ungainly
    D. Clever
    E. None of these
Ans : Clever

     A. Masked
     B. Evident
     E.None of these
Ans : Masked

      A. Talking
     C. Departed
     D. Describing
     E. None of these
Ans : Describing

     B. Shocked
     D.All of the above
     E. None of these

Ans : Surprised

7). In the following questions a set of four words are given marked. In each set a word has      been spelt in four different ways, one of which is correct. Choose the word correctly          spelt.
      A. Sacreligious
      B. Sacrelegious
      C. Sacrilegious
      D. Sacriligious
      E. None of these 
Ans: Sacrilegious
8). Which of the following is spelled correctly?
        A. Synonymus
        B. Hippopotamous
        C. Hypocrisy
        D. Antonymus
        E.None of these
Ans. Hypocrisy
9).No matter where that prisoner tries to ________, the police will find him sooner or later.
   A. Imprison
   B. Arrest
   C. Find
   D. Hide
   E. None of these

Ans : Hide

10). It is a shame that many people in the world have to live _______basic        necessities such as food and shelter.
       A. Along
       B. Including
       C. Despite
       D. Without
       E. None of these

Ans: Without
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