11 August 2015

Answer the questions given below and test yourself how intelligent you are...??..!!

Important Questions for CCC exam :
1. In which menu Spelling command appears        
(A)Tools        (B)Windows   (C)Edit (D)None of the above
Ans. 1 =    A 
2. A right click on the Windows desktop itself will _____.     
(A)open the Display Properties dialog box  
(B)show a context-sensitive menu  
(C)open the Control Panel   
(D)minimize all open applications
Ans.  2 =    B
3. "When numbers are typed inside a cell, the default alignment is:"        
(A)Left-aligned         (B)Center-aligned     (C)Right-aligned        (D)Justified
Ans  3 =    C 
4. Pressing _____ is a quick way to cycle between open program windows.       
(A)Alt+Tab          (B)Ctrl+Tab   (C)Shift+Tab  (D)Shift+Alt
Ans. 4 =    A    
5. The AutoContent Wizard creates _____.    
(A)a new blank presentation with an attractive background and  fonts  
(B)a new presentation with sample slides with suggestions for  what information should be included 
(C)a new look for an existing presentation
(D)a new template for future use
Ans. 5 =    B    
6. "In PowerPoint, slide sorter command is found under which menu?"     
(A)File (B)Tools        (C)View         (D)Edit
Ans. 6 =    C    
7. The primary goal for your slide design should be _____. 
(A)to attract the eyes of your audience    
(B)to coordinate with your company logo and color scheme       
(C)to make the information easy to read  
(D)to make the slides interesting and even exciting
Ans. 7 =    D    
8. "In Excel, shortcut fill menu contain"        
(A)Fill weekdays       (B)Fill series   (C) (a) and (b)         (D)None of these
Ans. 8 =   C 
9. Paste Special dialog box of Excel contains _____ options for
(A)characteristics (B)Formats     Formulas (C)Values (D)All of the above
Ans. 9 =    D 
10.    Following is a type of PowerPoint Slide Show option   
(A)Presented by the speaker         
(B)Browsed by an individual
(C)Browsed at a kiosk        
(D)All of the above
Ans. 10 =    D
11. The first network that planted the seeds of Internet was:
(A)ARPANET   (B)NSFnet     (C)Vnet         (D)Inet
Ans. 11 =    A  
12. "For a small Web site, one needs to buy space from the"
(A)Network administrator (B)Telephone exchange (C)ISP (D)None of the above
Ans. 12 =    C 
13. The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:    
(A)Netscape       (B)Veronica        (C)Mosaic   (D)LynxAns. 13 =    A 
14. "Actions buttons can be inserted in the slide, by Action Button command of"
(A)View menu  (B)Insert menu       (C)Slide show menu  (D)None of the above
Ans. 14 = C
15. When you create a chart on a separate sheet in the same workbook it is called a      
(A)chart sheet          (B)embedded chart   (C)view sheet (D)view chart
Ans. 15=    A

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