15 July 2015

National and International Cups

Name of Cup/TrophySports
Aga khan cupHockey
Beighton cupHockey
Dhayanchand cupHockey
Ranjit Singh Gold cup Hockey
Lady Ratan Tata trophy Women's Hockey
Nehru trophy Women's Hockey
Nijam Gold cup Football 
Fedaration cup Football
 Rovers cup  Football
Ezra cupPolo
Duleep trophy Cricket
Jaylaxmi cup/Championship(T.T)National Women
FIFA cup Football
D. C. M cup Football
Nehru Gold cupFootball(International)
Bangalore cup  Basket Ball
Rajkumari cupT.T(Junior girls)
Rajkumar cupT.T(Junior boys)
Rangaswami cupNational Hockey Championship
Ranji trophyNational Cricket
Santosh trophyNational Football
B. C Roy trophy  National Junior Football
Irani trophyCricket
Subrata Mukherjee cup/ChampionshipNational School Football
Burdwan cup Weight Lifting
Prithbi Singh cupPolo
Rohinton Barua trophyInter University Cricket
Maulana Azad trophyInter University Sports(Athletics)
Ashes trophyCricket(Australia vs. England 5 test series)
America cupYatch Racing
Canada cupGolf(World Championship)
Colombo cupFootball(IND, PAK, SRI, BURMA)
Davis cupLawn Tennis(men, world)
Federation cupLawn Tennis(women, world)
Corbillon cupWorld's T.T(women's)
Derby cupHorse Racing
Kings cupCart Racing
Merdeka cupFootball(Indonesia)
Prince of Wales cupGolf
Ryder cupGolf
Thomas cupWorld Badminton(men's)
Uber cupWorld Badminton(women's)
U Thant cupLawn Tennis
Duran cup Football
Tunku Abdid rahmanAsian Badminton
Coach Behar trophyCricket
Deodhar trophyCricket
Schindhia cupHockey
All England ChampionshipBadminton
Walker cupGolf
Wellington cupRowing
Swaythling cupWorld T.T(men's)
Vizzy cupCricket
Gurunanak ChampionshipHockey(women's)
Obaidullah Gulf cupHockey
Jules RimetWorld Soccer cup
Reliance cupCricket
Grand NationalHorse Racing
Hapman cupGolf
Sahara cupCricket

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