8 July 2015

Don't be afraid of competitive exams...Here are the tips to help every student pass competitive exams easily....!!!
1.       No limiting belief please
  • Remove the limiting belief that you can’t pass.
  • If you believe you can pass or you believe you cannot pass, you are right.
  • Don’t think that you will be in a failure category ever.
  • Always think positive.
2.       Understand the structure of paper
  •  First of all, understand the structure of paper – is there any marks allocation for a particular topic?
  •  Secondly, if there is marks allocation, is examiner following it? The best thing to do is to review the past papers.
3.       Taking notes
  •  Prepare for exams by way of ‘notes’ which you can recall quickly at the time of taking exam. This will help you very much.You can revise from your notes instead of opening the book when exam day is near. 
  • Here is strategy for taking notes :
          Take a paper and turn it in landscape format.
          Put three columns in landscape form.
          Once done, take synopsis of a syllabus in smaller fonts and the language which you can easily understand.
          Write bullet points, important concepts and key ideas which you need to remember.
          These notes should be used at the time when exam paper is on head and you need to revise whole syllabus in two to three hours.
4.       Remembering / memorizing key ideas and formula
  • One of the key ideas to memorize ideas e.g. formula, is to write them in small charts and hang it in front of your bed.
  •  See those formula daily before going to bed and rising up.
  • Use different colors and markers.
5.       Exam practice
  • Practice mock exam – be your own examiner.
  • Take any past paper and solve it as a mock exam.
  • Solve past paper in the time allocated in exam. Think you are in exam hall and solve the paper accordingly.
  • Check your paper and give yourself marks.
  • See how are you performing in mock exam and be sincere to yourself.
6.       Time your paper
  • Here is technique to time your paper: Take total marks and total time. Subtract 10 minutes from the total minutes. Divide the remainder with the marks and you get time per marks
  • Example: If there are 200 marks for a paper and you have 180 minutes. Subtract 10 minutes. This means you have 170 minutes altogether or 0.8 minutes per mark.
  • Make sure that you don’t spend more that 0.8 minutes per mark 
  • It happens that students try to focus on one particular question and if they are unable to solve it, they get confused. Don’t panic. Start next question. If student has time, he / she can take up that particular question later on.
  • Try to allocate 10 minutes at the end of exam to review the paper thoroughly.
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