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6 November 2014

* Best Apps For Education

  • App For Social Science Std 10 MCQ based ; Also it is useful to Comparative Exam - offline App : Develop by Mr Kaushik Motivaras Click to Download
  • G K Genius Quiz Hindi + Gujarati [ MCQ based ] : Useful For All type Competitive Exam Click to Download
  • Apps for social science teachers [std 8]  - offline Apps : Develop By Mr. Kaushik Motivars : click to Download
  • Apps for G K - Gyan : Gujarat G K MCQ - offline Apps : Develop by Mr. Kaushik  Motivaras : click to Download
  • G K in Gujarayi : useful Apps for competitive Exams : click to Download
  • Pop up Dictionary : Eng to Guj - Guj to Eng - Guj to Guj - Eng to Eng : offline Dictionary : click to Download
  • Science & Technology : Std 10- Based on GSEB, Textbook ; MCQ : it's offline Apps - Devlop by Mr. Kaushik Motivaras click to Download
  • Download All NCERT Textbooks [ Std 1 to 12 ] - CBSE Textbooks click to Download
  • Age Calculator know your Perfect Age click to Download
  • Apps for Recruitment Calendar of Government of Gujarat [ Jobs in G O G ] click to Download
  • Very Useful G K Apps in Hindi For All Types Competitive Exam click to Download
  • Competitive Exams ma puchhayel Hoy Teva Questions no samavesh karel Hoy Tevi Gujarati ma Apps click to Download
  • QUIZSAFAR : Develop by Mr Mahendra B Patel - Apps for Competitive Exams Candidates click to Download
  • IAS Quiz 2015, Simple App with latest Questions Of G K And Current Affairs click to Download

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