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25 September 2014

GTU CCC exam practical paper date:19/9/2014

GTU CCC exam practical paper date:19/9/2014

Time:12:15 to 1:45
(1)Tamara number nu folder ane name nu subfolder
(2)Tamara name na folder ma "personal" ane "office" namna 2 folder banavi personal ma tamaru name,address,age ni text file banavo temaj office ma tamari office nu name,addres,hodda ni text file banavo.
(3)Paint ma gol, trikon ane choras dori tema lal,lilo ane yellow colour puri gol ma tamaru name ane addres lakho,choras ne crop kari bhag karo.
(4)Mail merge ma 5 contact my source data file ma save kari tamara namna folder ma save karo.
(5)Wallpaper ane screen saver change kari time 2 minite set karo
(6)Tame spardhatmak exam ni taiyari karo chho jema english,g.k.,aptitude na subject chhe 1 week pachhi exam chhe to task ni yadi taiyar kari amportant task ne red thi highlight karo.

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