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29 September 2021

Prarthana Prayer

Prayer is to meditate on the Creator of the universe.  Prayer is the remembrance of the Lord.  Prayer is the first step in getting the voice of the soul to God.  Prayer is a symbol of faith, patience and trust.  Prayer is the medicine of adhi, vyadhi and upadhi.  Prayer is the link between soul and paramatma, prayer is the herb of living life.  Prayer is the karma of Dharma and Kuchi of karma, Prarthana is the philosopher's stone of attaining God.  Prayer is the key to the morning and the chain of the evening O If here to search

* Importance of Prayer Prayer spreads joy in the atmosphere more than any work.  * Prayer opens up through the progress of life.  * It is necessary to experience divine power through prayer.  * Prayer is an expression of one's concern or responsibility to the Lord.  * Like despair, frustration, anger.  Prayer is necessary to remove harmful prices.  * Shiro arising from the effect of harmful prices.  e here to search

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sk Prayer is the hurri to realize the presence of God.  * Prayer is essential to the realization of God's children.  * Prayer is necessary to express gratitude for divine gifts like air, water, food.  H * Prarthana makes the atmosphere of home, office or school seem heavenly.  Prayer makes the atmosphere of home, village or school devotional.  * Prayer spreads innovation in the atmosphere.  The body and mind become happy.  New - knows the longing to see, to learn to learn.  * Prarthana refutes ominous thoughts.  Innovative freshness in life is felt and the heart is purified.  - Praveenbhai M Patel


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Prarthana is more necessary in the world today than ever before, as the world today is the age of technology.  The whole world seems to be united because of this technology.  Due to globalization we know that we have fallen behind in material happiness and we have lost our peace of mind somewhere in it.  Every man in the world today seems to be busy with his work.  He has put such Prarthana a rush f mind and keeping it healthy and pure.

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behind material happiness that he does not know where he will go and stand in the midst of all this. How to maintain his peace of mind and his purity?  The answer is prayer.  The way to peace of mind and purity: Prayer is for peace.

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In the midst of all this, how to maintain peace of mind and purity?  The answer is prayer is the way to peace of mind and purity: Prayer is for peace of mind and keeping it healthy and pure.  (Just as the body needs food to keep it healthy, we need to pray with a pure mind to keep our heart healthy. It is prayer that makes our mind pure and happy. There are people Prarthana of many religions in the world and prayer is important in every religion.  Yes, the names of the prayers may be different but the remembrance is to be done only to God. ') Man has been meditating since ancient times.  Prayer transmits energy to our body.  Q which Prarthana increases self-confidence and brings peace of mind.

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According to our Indian culture, we start any auspicious deed with prayer only because prayer accumulates positive energy in our mind and we can do good deeds.  Even students in school or college start their studies with prayer on a daily basis - often we cannot be conscious of day-to-day work and success and failure.  Prayer Prarthana brings us peace of mind.  With prayer we can see our guilt and remove it, that is why Gujarati writer Kaka Kalelkar has said that prayer is a bath to the heart.  ”

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Prayer is called the expression of distance.  You don't need words for it. There is a very popular saying in English that “prayer Prarthana needs no speech. Words in prayer are just a medium.  That is why it should be done with the mind and not with the lips.  Words are just a means to an end.  If there is a tool to clean up the garbage in our minds, it is Prarthana prayer.  

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Prayer is the only means by which we can come in direct contact with God, but if it is a sincere and selfless prayer, then the regularity of prayer: Gandhiji used to pray regularly morning and evening, no matter how much work he did.  Were connecting.  Gandhiji himself said that it never happened that God did not answer my prayers.  Gandhiji said that God hears Prarthana and answers the prayers made with true heart and pure mind.  Draupadi prayed to the Lord with all his heart and he tore the Lord to pieces.  With the prayers of Sati Savitri, her husband Satyavan was revived.  Narasimha Mehta rescued God from every crisis. There are many examples and occasions in which God has heard prayers and come to his aid.  At present the world is facing unrest, conflicts and many man-made and natural problems.  Every man wants happiness and peace and often a


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Turn mental turmoil into peace: Some people consider themselves atheists.  Perhaps such people need prayer the most. If we want prayer in an ungodly way, then the only way we can do something to stimulate Prarthana the mental power is to pray to a quiet leopard.  Dharma - Dharma changes its Prarthana way, some call it yoga or some other name but in the end it is the same. Prarthana  Life today Prarthana is full of hustle and bustle.  This turmoil makes a man less efficient and tired sooner.  Some diseases are also rooted in this mental turmoil.  Prarthana To make life more Prarthana orderly and livable, everyone should devote some time to meditation. Miraculous results of prayer are so certain that it does Prarthana not matter whether we accept it in that form or not.

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27 September 2021

Useful For Teachers

 For this,number is located in Naki Kashva. Save this number and just type HELO from Vigha then they will get Quick REPLAY.  • Thus Quick REPLAY is their distinguishing feature throughout the process.  • If the student just writes HELLO, thank you for joining the HOME LEARNING program. Study will not stop now.  Please send the school's U dice code.  The details of the school will be sent as soon as the U-Dice code of the school like the student is written and sent.  In which the name of the school, diarrhea code, taluka, district and also 1 reply for yes will be typed and sent.  And if it is wrong, it will ask you to type 2 replies and send.  As soon as 1 reply is typed and sent from a mode like તેમણે, he will ask you to select the standard, in which the student has to state his standard.

Useful For Teachers Files

1) Whatsup Sw-Mulyankan

2) School Report Card

3) School Of Excellence

4) Microsoft Teams

5) Vidhyadip Yojana

6) Paryavaran Prayogshala

7) Online Attendence

The data entry of the parallel grief test was done through the ARAL app. Data has been analyzed and standard wise and subject wise report cards of standard 6 to 8 as well as student's personal report cards have been prepared by Command and Control Center ૨ School.  All teachers have also been trained on the interpretation and use of this report card.  Under Gyansetu (Seed Course), it is necessary to use the report card of every standard subject so that the students can get special educational help and the dental treatment can be done.  રી The report card has been deducted from the online attendance on the entire education website, the report card download, the best thing to do is to go to the first school, https: // attendance urde wel dani El ge Ini

8) Mina ni Duniya

9) Balmedo

10) Eco Club

11) Miss call And Hearnig Story

12) G-Shala App

13) Parivar No Malo Salamat Hufado

14) SMC Rachana

BRC CRC for training teachers under the Cool of Excellabs, engaging under new approaches, imparting information, managing issues such as challenges and solutions.  B.R.C.  Capacity will be increased.  In which currently working for more than 3 years.  Eligibility, work done (Learning Outcome Certificate, Field Visit in Location, School Review Meetings, its solutions, Knowledge of content, Schools and Proceramme Administrative knowledge, Commuter knowledge, etc.) will be reviewed on the basis of CCC report.  And co-workers who do not meet the specified criteria will be deputed and those working at otrity level will be given P.Hd, JRF, M.Phil or those working in research will be rewarded under Padra's paid salary and in real sense.  In ICICI, we are in the role of Coordinator.

15) Digital Gujarat

16) SAS Gujarat

17) Fit India 2.0

18) Inspire Award

19) Kitchan Garden

20) Gyankunj

21) Sw-Rakshan Talim

The Panipura Rana Environmental Laboratory will plan to set up a wick on the following key issues: horticultural crops from non-chemical fertilizers for food, vegetables-2 to create an understanding of producing useful spices in daily life.  Construction of 21 acres of high quality farming while preserving the environment.  Conversion of infertile soil into useful soil.  Water for saving and self-sufficiency and availability of sufficient water.  Building an understanding of the new technological approach to come in the future.  Formation of medicinal plants for home remedies for common ailments.  Uja conservation through the use of non-conventional energy sources.  Construction Keeping all these things in mind, in the first phase, it is planned to start 9000 environmental laboratories in 3 to 4 schools in the taluka, i.e. in the entire state.  The implementation of this project in other parts of the state is in progress.  -Tuo: Environmental education has inculcated J, Ilol, Vana, Kausha Habha Mata in the students, The school has done an environmental project that Roni Yana (a lover of the polluted environment ', with the meat  Use, a 51 '11015 Coll Queens udson ne rojida chio || Paryavar? |  Three times

22) Khelo India

23) Toy Fair

24) Twinnig Programme

25) Vishv Yog Divas

26) MDM Yojana

27) Khel Mahakumbh

28) Kala Mahakumbh

“ Ginani Duniya ”Karyana-Nani Duniya” program is implemented in all upper primary BVs of the state, /  Is for.  The conclusion will be 2 (two) days in a week (Tuesday 4, Friday 4).  The program was broadcast on GCERT through Byseg.  Ronal no. Of 'Vande Gujarat' program broadcast by  1, 2 and 3 will be done, 2 No activities will be organized in the school during the broadcast time of the program.  .  Send soft copies of all the above activities and the prepared (episode guideline or schedule), so that the activities to be done before the program can be done and the activities to be done after the completion of the program can be planned.  Ramayapatraka (Clay 2) in all Urach primary schools.  Giving Rachna to dip into the classroom.  The head teacher of the school will be responsible for the management of the work.  They. The program will be run smoothly in the school.  , URC Co.O.  And CRC co.  O.  There was a lot of talk about how many children listened to the program and how many children listened to the program in that school.

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25 September 2021


 Background on Rice Fortification under MDM in Gujarat Background Gujarat is one of the most urbanized states in the country and the state is witnessing rapid economic growth.  Nevertheless, the state is facing the challenges of malnutrition and anemia.  According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5), the prevalence of anemia in children aged 6 to 8 months in Gujarat is 7.5%, in pregnant women it is 3% and in women in the reproductive age group of 18 to 6 years.  The three main methods used to eliminate micronutrient malnutrition are micronutrient supplementation, food fortification and promotion of dietary diversity.  Food fortification Food fortification is the addition of vitamins and minerals to staple foods such as rice, wheat, salt, oil, milk to prevent micronutrient deficiencies.  Food fortification is an effective strategy for delivering large amounts of key micronutrients.  Fotification is considered a successful strategy because frequently taken foods (such as salt, wheat, rice, etc.) can be made more nutritious without changing the consumer's eating habits, depending on them.


Fortified Rice as a Possible Strategy to Eliminate Anemia Since April 1, 2021, the Government of India has made the use of Fortified Rice mandatory under Lunch (MDM) in all districts of Gujarat (letter from FCI and Government of Gujarat).  Rice fortification is the process of increasing the essential micronutrients in rice to improve the nutritional quality of the food and benefit the health with minimal risk.  There is scientific evidence of the effectiveness of fortified rice as a strategy to improve iron stores in the body.  In Gujarat, in the year 2016-17, a study was conducted on 6 children aged 6-12 years who were part of the mid-day meal system, which showed that the average hemoglobin increased by 0.4 g / dl and the prevalence of anemia decreased by 10%].  Fortification of rice can help eliminate anemia where rice is the staple food.



Common micronutrients used in rice fattening A. Iron Iron deficiency anemia occurs when there is insufficient amount of iron in the body to form red blood cells.  Most of the symptoms of iron deficiency are the result associated with anemia and can include fatigue, palpitations, panic and shortness of breath when working.  Iron deficiency impairs physical functioning in many ways.  The ability to maintain a normal body temperature during cold weather is also impaired in individuals with iron deficiency.  Acute iron deficiency anemia causes nails to become brittle and spoon-shaped, resulting in sores on the corners of the mouth, loss of taste, and on the tongue.  Anemia No Nine Nine New Leaves I Number of Red Blood Cells Number of Red Blood Cells in Anesthesia Recognized Mannequin Date Signs of Anemia: Tongue, Eyes, Palms, Nails Fade Tongue Tongues Choose foods with iron  Is done as an approach.




Rice shaped grains (also known as fortified rice kernels - FRK) are made from rice flour, vitamins and minerals and look like polished raw rice or plain rice grains in size and shape.  These fortified grains retain nutrients even after cleaning, washing and cooking.  There may be slight changes in its color and shape which helps to identify and ensure that the rice is fortified in the right amount.  This dish made from fortified rice does not change the color of any dish made from boiled rice, pilaf, biryani, rice.  References:

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22 September 2021

Useful info


Pustak Vanchak Spardha, Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad will face each other for the second time in the league. The team led by Rishabh Pant won the first round.  Wants to start with a win.To do this, they have good attacking batsmen who can break any bowling attack, Sunrisers will be no exception.With Sunrisers, a win will boost their morale and help them stay in the tournament.  They will need Johnny Bay, who has decided to withdraw from the second round, in which case Australia opener David Warner will have to take another 1. The team needs good contributions from Ken Williamson, Manish Pandey, Riddhiman San, Kedar Jadhav, Abdul Samaj and Vijay Shankar.  It will be led by Rashid Khan, who will have to perform at the Dubai International Stadium to stop the Delhi batsmen.

Gunotsav Result

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It is said that a hundred sonars and a wave.  Something similar happened in the match between Rajasthan Royals vs Punjab Royals (Rajasthan Royals Vs Punjab Kings).  The Punjab team dominated the entire match.  Until the last over of the match, no one realized that the power of the Punjabis would diminish in their quest for victory.  He was to score only 4 runs in the last 6 balls.  And 8 wickets in hand.  But the Kings of Punjab, who were ahead in the entire match, fell behind in the last over.  The question is what happened in the last over.  So the answer is straightforward and simple.  Karthik Tyagi.  That arrow of Sanju Samson, which hit the right target at the right place.  Discover new solutions for energy and power NOW The duo of Nicholas Pooran and Markram seemed hungry to win Punjab.  Were rapidly advancing towards victory.  He took the match to a point where no one could even think of losing his team.  But, when Rajasthan had to defend 4 runs in the last over, Sams gave the ball to left-arm fast bowler Karthik Tyagi.  On this expectation of his captain, Karthik not only landed true, but also succeeded in winning the team.  Now understand how he did it with every ball of the last over

ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021

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La took the ball and threw a total toss.  No run on it.  That meant it was a dot ball.  Meaning Way was to score 4 runs in Punjab Mall.  Wall that Karthik almost threw a yorker.  Markram took a single on this.  Now Punjab needed 4 balls to win.  Cole hit the ball wide yorker this time.  Flood tried to play it, the ball reached the edge of the bat and reached wicketkeeper Sanju Se.  Now Punjab was facing a target of 3 runs off 3 balls.  While the chariot had 7 wickets.  The ball was knocked out by newcomer Deepak Hooda.  The ball was dotted.  Meaning now Punjab had 2 balls to win.  The match also seemed to go into a super over.  Speak

Were to create.  The match also seemed to go into a super over, the fifth ball this time Karthik threw a full wide delivery, which was caught behind the Hooda wicket in the playoffs.  I didn’t get a run from, but definitely lost one more wicket.  Now Punjab needed 3 runs off the last ball, the hope of victory was still alive, but even more than that, it seemed to be a miracle for the Rajasthan team.  In the sixth ball, Karthik again bowled a full length ball, on which Cabian could not score a single run.  Rajasthan did exactly what they had hoped for in this match.  He snatched the victory from the mouth of Punjab.  This happened after 11 years in IPL 11 years in the history of IPL, it has happened when 4 runs were saved in the last over.  Munaf Patel performed this feat for the first time in Kati.  Karthik took 2 wickets for 29 runs in 4 overs in the match.  He was selected as the Player of the Match for the last two defenses.

The match between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings was played in the IPL on Tuesday.  This was the first match between the two teams in the second phase, which Rajasthan won.  But Punjab bowler Arshdeep Singh has managed to join the Purple Cap race.  This SI ba hand bowler is ranked fourth.  However, RCB's Harshal Patel is still at the top.  With the start of the second phase of the IPL, the Purple and Orange Cap races have also resumed.  In addition to giving the team the title in the largest league in the world, the Purple Cap and the Orange Cap are the things for which players give their all.  If we talk about Purple Company, this special cap is given to that player at the end of the season every year.  Who has taken the most wickets that season.  After every match throughout the league, the cap is on the head of the player who topped the list at the time.  Advertisement Rajasthan Royals Vs Punjab Kings After the match Purple Cap Resa Purple Cap, it still adorns the head of Royal Challengers Bangalore fast bowler Hershal Patel.  He has 17 wickets in eight matches.  He could not take a single wicket against KKR in the first match of the second phase.  Delhi Capital's young bowler Avesh Khan is second on the list with 14 wickets to his name.  This time, Rahul has dropped from number four to number five.  Ricci,

She is a resident of Hapur in western Uttar Pradesh where her dreams came true with the help of her family.  During the World Cup, he said that his family dreamed of playing cricket.  "When I decided to play cricket, people were laughing with us," said Karthik.  It doesn't matter if I become a father or not.  Enjoy what you are doing.  He never wanted me to do farm work so I could focus on my game.  Karthik made his debut in first class cricket at the age of just 16.  In the 2019 auction, the player of the Rajasthan Royals team with a base price of Rs 20 lakh was made a part of the expenditure of Rs 1.30 crore.  A win between Rajasthan and Kings XI Punjab to add Karthik to their squad.

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21 September 2021

Temple Darshan

The Meenakshi Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples located in the holy city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is dedicated to Parvati, known as Meenakshi, and her consort, Shiva, here named Sundareswarar. The temple has 14 towers, 4,500 pillars and 33,000 sculptures -it's massive! The temple is as vital to the aesthetic heritage of South India as the Taj Mahal is to North India History Madurai Meenakshi temple's history is as old as the history of the city itself. The temple forms the heart and lifeline of the 2500-year-old city of Madurai. This ancient city is built around the Meenakshi Temple which has been the geographical and ritualistic centre of the region since the times of the Pandyans. The temple is said to have been constructed by Kulashekara 12 books for REAL MAN SELF-GROWTH DAY LAoy Bot DAV 2.WI to Aons DAVU Mony DAVTe ry DAV 3.Tes ALC BAV 4 Rh DadPoor Ced DAV 10. Qer BAYSNLEU DAY 11.Nt Na BAV GThegwardNe DAV 12 t a20ie Change yourself

Legend tells the tale that the second Pandyan king Malayadwaja Pandya and his wife Kanchananalaj were unable to conceive any children. In attempts to beget a child, Malaydwaja conducted many Vedic homas (rituals involving a fire pit).

Finally, in the middle of one such ritual, an infant version of Goddess Parvati appeared. This infant was born with three breasts, but a voice from the heavens told her new parents not to worry because one of her breasts would disappear when she met her true love. The infant was named Tadaatagai and succeeded her father to the throne. She led armies on successful campaigns of conquest. In her last campaign in North India, she challenged Lord Shiva himself at Mount Kailash, but when She saw the great Lord, She fell in love with him. The bridegroom followed her home, married her, took the name Sundara Pandya and together they ruled Madurai. This scene is seen depicted in the temple. According to mythology, the marriage of Meenakshi and Shiva actually took place in Madurai. It is still celebrated every year with great pomp B and cho

Temple The Meenakshi temple has huge Gopurams (Towers) which can be off distance. There are total 14 gopurams, but the tallest four stanc walls, each facing one of the four directions (north, east, south, anc Amongst the four gateways, the south one is the tallest. It is about can be climbed to have a view of the entire city. Inside, there are tw one dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi (Parvati) and the other to h husband Sundareswarar (Lord Shiva). Both the Meenakshi and Sund shrines have gold plated towers whose tops can be seen from a gre - 12 books for

 Personalized Self-growth plan and material The bottom part of the temple is made from granite, while its gopuram from limestone. Each gopuram is a multi-storied structure in the shape pyramid, covered with thousands of stone figures of animals, gods, go demons painted in all colors of the rainbow. There are an estimated 33,000 sculptures all over the temple The temple wasn't always so vividly painted. The original structure was unpainted granite. Then people started painting the sculptures because wanted the temple to look colorful during big events and festivals.

img: Flickr There is also a sacred water tank, several halls and innumerable "Mandapam' of the temple consists of 985 pillars. Each pillar is u pillars are music pillars, which produce music when tapped. The these pillars is that they are carved out of a single granite stone There are a number of other halls and towers in the temple whic watching for their sculptures, carvings and designs. Each one is c other, in one aspect or the other. 12 books for REAL MAN SELF-GROW

The temple also has an art museum. It contains icons, drawings and photograp which date back to the 1200 - year - old history of Indian temple architecture in the south. A lot of information can be extracted on the Hindu pantheon and related legends from this splendid museum. It was on the list of top 30 nominees for the "New Seven Wonders of the World". The sheer size of the temple means that it's easy to get lost inside, and there's se much to see and marvel over that you could easily spend days there. Various kings renovated the temple, leaving a distinct impression of their artistic taste. A number of complex corridors, magnificent sculptures and a heavenly abode suitable fo Goddess Meenakshi, include the additions to the temple that were done by different kings.

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19 September 2021

Subhash Chance Bose Quiz

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Urban (PMAY-U), a flagship Mission of Government of India being implemented by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), was launched on 25th June 2015. The Mission addresses urban housing shortage among the EWS/LIG and MIG categories including the slum dwellers by ensuring a pucca house to all eligible urban households by the year 2022, when Nation completes 75 years of its Independence.

Subhash Chance bose Quiz

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In the era of WiFi, nowadays many users recharge their phone only to keep their mobile number on. However, many telecom companies, taking advantage of this need of subscribers, extend 28 days or 30 days.

The recharge plan with validity brings in an expensive price. Recently Airtel discontinued its recharge plan priced at Rs 49, after which Airtel customers have to activate a recharge plan priced at least Rs 79 to continue with their phone number. However, in this context, Jio company brings not one but three options for its customers for less than Rs 50, in which customers can continue their mobile number by recharging at least the price. You will be surprised to know that this price starts from Rs.

JIO Reacharge

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To inform the principals of all the higher secondary schools of the state and the trainees of ITI recognized by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar that

Gram Panchayat Chutani Umedvar

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the trainees studying in the final semester of GCVT / NCVT course of ITI this year can get the standard 12 academic equivalent certificate and Gujarat  Application forms for Std-12 English (Second Language-2018) examination have been filled by the Board of Higher Secondary Education.  Admission Form (Holtikit) of the examinees by logging on to the

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Download English : Click Here

 school's index number and school registered mobile number or e-mail from the Board's website or or from 12:00 hrs.  Can be downloaded.  After printing the Holtikit, verify the details as per the application form, affix the photo of the examinee in it, sign the examinee, as well as the principal's signature-coin (half signature and coin on the photo) in the prescribed place and give it to the examinee.  Pahem's Holtikit).

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

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A total of 1 Mamata session was conducted in different talukas in which 14 pregnant mothers.  Services were provided to other beneficiaries as well as details of medical camps vaccinated to 6 beneficiaries. A total of 216 medical camps have been organized in different talukas in which 200 beneficiaries have been treated on the spot for various diseases.  Details of Dhavantari Rath Today, Dhanwantari Health Rath conducted mobile medical OPD operations in various rural and urban areas of Junagadh in which 1192 persons were examined.


The Preliminary Examination for the recruitment of various cadres of the Office of the Director of Information will be held on April 10, 2021.  Advertisements related to recruitment of Deputy Director of Information, Class-1, Assistant Director of Information (Editing) Class-2 and Senior Sub-Editor (Class-3) and Information Assistant, Class-3  And 1 / 20-21, dated 22/01/2021 was published on Ojas.  Preliminary examination of Deputy Director of Information, Class-1, Assistant Director of Information (Editing), Class-2 will be held on April 10, 2021 at 10:00 AM.  The preliminary examination of Senior Sub-Editor, Class-II and Information Assistant, Class-II will be held on April 10, 2021 at 03:00 hrs.

Pursuant to the letter dated 08/12/2050 and dated 21/12/2050 of the Department of Information and Broadcasting on the above subject, as per the order, to state that under the Implementation of State Reform Action Plan (SRAP) 2060-61 of the Department of Industry and Mines.  Necessary software for multiplex, drive-in-cinema / video cinema new licenses can be issued online and renewed online has been prepared through National Informatics Center.  The above software is integrated with IFP.  Therefore, necessary arrangements have now been made for all cinema video cinema owners in the state of Gujarat to provide the following services related to this matter through IFP (Investor Facilitation Portal) through online single window system.  (1) To apply for a new license under Rule-104 of Gujarat Cinema Rules, 2016.  (2) To apply for renewal of old license under Rule-104 of Gujarat Cinema Rules, 2016.  (3) Gujarat Cinemas (Regulation of Exhibition hy Video 1994 K Dal Nirigo Parmar

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11 September 2021

Exam Files 2021-22


Click on download below to download the file.  The file is unzipped.  Double click on the software and eroll.  Then copy the file and place it in another folder.  Then right click on the file and the option of 7-Z will appear. Go to it and Exam File 2021-22 click on Extract here and a new folder will be created. It will contain the result sheet file from standard 1.  You will be able to work easily.  Write the name on one page so it will be written in two pages.  Password is provided but no password is required.  Even if there is any problem, you should contact the teacher friends.  Teacher friends, here in this post is placed the examination file prepared by Mr. Nana Bandra Primary School teacher Exam File 2021-22, maybe if there is a little too much error please forgive.  Friends, use this exam file which is useful for teachers and also give it to your friends.  There is an examination Exam File 2021-22 file from standard 1 to 8. If you do not understand in the examination file, please contact the following number.

Exam Files 2021-22

Gujarat Board Std.  The process of filling up the Gujkat exam form has already started before the results of Class 12 are declared.  Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has posted instructions for filling up Exam File 2021-22 examination information booklet and online form for candidates of A, B and AB group science streams seeking admission in Degree Engineering, Degree / Diploma Pharmacy courses at  Just four days ago, Bhaskar made a story about this, in which it was submitted that the government would clarify in detail about the result of Std. 12 Science and whether GUJCET-JEE examination will be held.  READ ALSO: Exam File 2021-22 - Click here to read Bhaskar's report on clarifying to government on taking JEE exam

Patrak A SEM-2







Exam Files 2021-22








Practical examination will be taken only for Amad students.  Earlier, examinations were not held in 8 municipal corporations of the state due to curfew.  In addition some students in other areas did not take the exam.  So that the practical examination of Science will be taken from 28th July to 30th July for the students of 8 Muni Corporation.  Vrikrane Maa Hira Gharedam.  Bani - Sardar flowed from the western Kati on the Raja Pramajik Para. Exam File 2021-22 Monk Absent student will have to submit Corona report. Examinations will be held at the centers designated by the Board for Std. 12 Science Practical Examination. Students who have been absent earlier will have to submit Corona report.  The decision will be taken by the board and the school will be informed. The exam was postponed due to Corina in Ghar Mamta Pur in Maharashtra.  However, being at the peak of Corona at the time, the state’s 8 muni.  What was done in Exam File 2021-22 the corporation was implemented so that the practical examination was postponed by the Board of Education at the examination centers coming in 8 Muni Corporation area.  The story of the death of two cars: butcher deva wath after the rain

Exam Files 2021-22

Exam File STD 3 Excel

Exam File STD 4 Excel

Exam File STD 5 Excel

Good morning Saraswat friends ... A new update of Form-A has been made as per the * new study findings * given by GCERT.  * k New update of AUTO RESULT - Exam File 2021-22 -Sheet - You have added new study findings *.  Only the study findings of that subject can be added / changed by manually selecting from the dope down list.

Exam File STD 6 Excel

Exam File STD 7 Excel

Exam File STD 8 Excel

Unit in Form-A will be autotickmarked on the basis of unit test marks.  Form-A * Blank can also Exam File 2021-22 be removed.  (Note- Select YES in the option given in the HOME sheet to remove the blank form.) * Form-g * is done.  School Certificate in Std-8: Form-G * has been added.  Overall result sheet in a single file.  Patrak - A, B, C and Exam File 2021-22 sheets can be unprotected and any special changes can be made.

Highlights: Exam File 2021-22 Decision to take practical examination of science for students from 28th July to Exam File 2021-22 30th July 08 Repeater of Muni Corporation and students absent in previous examination will be able to appear for the examination 0 Students who are absent in previous Exam File 2021-22 examination will have to submit report related to Corona T Ahmedabad:

Exam Files 2021-22

The Gujarat Board of Exam File 2021-22 Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to take.  The important thing is that the practical exam will be taken only for the repeater students of Science.  Earlier, examinations were Exam File 2021-22 not held in 8 municipal corporations of the state due to curfew.  In addition some students in other areas did not Exam File 2021-22 appear for the exam so 8 muni.  The practical examination of science will be held for the students of the corporation from 28th July to 30th July.

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Vhali Dikari


Write PRIC Hİ Vhali Dikri Yojana Freshgujarat and serve.  SE Here is a glimpse of “Wahali Dikari Yojana”: Daughters of the first two children of state families will be covered under Wahali Dikari Yojana. Families with an annual income of up to Rs.  Assistance of .4000 * Rs.  Financial Support of Rs.5000 / - Financial Assistance of Rs.1,00,000 / - for 15 years for daughters: Provision of significant financial assistance by Gujarat Government for higher education and marriage occasion to increase the birth rate of daughters in the State  To reduce the drop-out rate, Wahali Dikari Yojana has been started by the state government in a result oriented manner. Rs. 12 crore has been allocated in the budget this year. To get the benefit of this scheme, the concerned District Women and Child Development Officer can be contacted. 

Resolution: The government is committed to improve the birth rate of daughters and increase education in the state of Gujarat and more efforts are needed to make the Khaj commitment meaningful.  A state-wide campaign has been launched to ensure her education. The state government has undertaken the following objectives to promote the birth of a daughter under "Ali Dikari" Thij, to prevent triple murder, to promote education and to strengthen Leo's position in the society.  

Daughter "Yojna is determined to be implemented. Audh Sh 1.  Increasing the birth rate of daughters.  3, Reducing dropout rates in daughters' education.  That is, to empower daughters / mothers in the society.  A, a child's mind. to obey the benefit

Receivable Benefit In Wahali Hari Yojana Ma 1, first installment - Rs.  - 2, the second installment will be eligible for assistance of Rs.  1. Last - A total of Rs.  Pan & Kari should not be left unattended, To save money, it is necessary to call a lot for this scheme.  Until the new head office opens, the following provision will have to be made on a temporary basis for the provision of  Financial assistance for destitute widows and their rehabilitation Provision of publicity "c" You can spend up to 5% of the total annual financial provision of the scheme for sub-dissemination under the current daughter scheme, Record reporting and registration and assistance of + Sabo beneficiaries  An online secateware will be created for payment.  Miscellaneous provision.

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Thus 'Mogani Manak-104 Social Security and Welfare of Social Welfare 09 Welfare of Swees, OX vscW Financial Assistance to Rehabilitated Widows for their Rehabilitation  Up to 5% of the provision can be spent. Record information and accounts. Online software will be developed for registration of beneficiaries and payment of assistance. (H) Miscellaneous provision.  These orders are in the same order of this department on Kani file.

The affidavit is therefore signed by us under the oath of my religion.  I understand that making a false confession is a crime.  Date - Father's signature Mother's sari, along with the application the following proofs must be submitted (Check List)  School Leaving Certificate / Birth Certificate (If there is no other basic proof PHCICHc / Certificate of any one of the Civil Surgeons Government Doctor Certificate Certificate), Copy of Beneficiary Daughter's Aadhar Card (if any) Copy of Beneficiary Daughter's Mother Aadhar Card Copy of Beneficiary Father's Aadhar Card  Copy of ration card.  A copy of the beneficiary daughter's bank account passbook

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  Unit 19) Study of Nata Mati M N - Conclusion M - Distinguish between present and past objects such as people, sports, utensils and clothin...