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31 July 2021

Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials


          Manjari received on the file of State Examination Board dated 07-02-201. Readiness of teachers is a very important factor for quality education.  NEP 2020 also emphasizes on teacher readiness for quality education.  Training programs are organized at the state or district level for teachers for quality education. 







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Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials Under this, it is very important to provide educational help to all the teachers as per their need.  In order for teachers to receive the training and onsite support they need, they need to know the educational needs of each teacher.  For this it is necessary to know the understanding of the teacher about his / her teaching subjects, classifier, assessment, new trends in teaching etc.


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In addition, it is necessary to get the information of the teacher's classroom observation as well as the information of the educational achievement of the children of their subject.  But in order to get information about the various educational matters of the teacher, an educational survey consisting Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials of all the teachers has to be done.  The survey and the following points are taken into consideration in the play.  For each clause there will be four alternatives to the response from which to select the appropriate response.  Details are included in Appendix 3 with this)










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            Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials Teaches English in standard 5.  So he is not going to respond to Gujarati and environment only to respond to math and English subjects.  Teachers who are teaching in Std. 1-2 will have to respond to Std-2 questions, similarly the language taught in Std. 6 to 8 as well as the language taught by the social science teacher will have to respond.  Along with this, Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials


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if one is teaching a social science Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials subject of one standard, he will also have to give a response to the articles of the social science subject.

KALAMO         Adhiniyam 1961

                       Adhiniyam 2009

In short, the teaching of the subject outlined in the SAD is Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials to give the same response to the work being done.  5 In addition to that subject, everyone will have to give feedback on the current fluid assessment and the clauses on universal education Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials.

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                  Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials Std. 6 to 8 Mathematics Science Teachers, HTAT Headmaster and CRC - BRC Co-ordinator are to give copies of all 80 sections. Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials 7 Head teachers who do not have HTAT will have to join a single aircraft according to the subjects of their teaching work according to SAS data. 

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In addition to the 80 clauses in the 8 survey Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials questionnaires, the rate at which the CROSIC, HTAT Chamacharyas and CRC BRC Coordinators are Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials to provide a descriptive Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials response in approximately 2go words to the description of this description or clause is the same as any other clause.  9 I was interested in the survey questionnaire, the study of the ripening process, the new trends, etc Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials.

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               Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials  The head teacher who is not HTAT will have to join one of the sections Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials according to the subjects of his / her teaching work as per the SAAD data.  8 In addition to 80 clauses in the survey questionnaire, descriptive clauses are given.  Each teacher, HTAT principal and CRC BRC co-op is required to provide descriptive response Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials in approximately 2go words as per the requirement of any two of these descriptive clauses.  I have Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials included the curriculum, basics, content, Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials study-teaching process, new trends etc. in the survey questionnaire.

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Pragna Abhigam Que-Ans File

2000 Que. Guj, Mat, n,Hi Eng, SS, Evs, Pragna File

4000 Que. Guj, Mat, Hin, Eng, SS, Evs, Pragna File

                 Since this survey is a census survey, all teachers are required to participate in this survey. Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials For teachers who are unable to attend the survey on time due to medical reasons like serious illness or maternity, the survey will be conducted by an alternative device (Poo Shravali) at that time and place.  3 Survey of the above five Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials groups Dt.  It will be held on 24-08-2021 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  The duration of the survey will be two hours.  That the DEO for this survey.  You will also get the cooperation Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials of Mr. Diet Principal.  & Sleep Route showing the place of the survey can be found on the web site Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials of the examination board which Sixak Sajjata Sarvexan Meterials has informed the participants of the survey about the 5th circular mentioned later.  Colors of color 1 2 - 2nd place  Taluka level is 25 er from time

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26 July 2021

matrubhasha ma Shikshan


Before we talk about education in mother tongue, what is mother tongue?  Let's understand what is called mother tongue.  A mother tongue is a language learned from one's birth, inherited from one's family.  The education received from the mother's womb is the education of the mother tongue.  We have the best example of the time of Mahabharata.  Abhimanyu acquired the knowledge of Satkotha in his mother's womb.  The best education received by a mother is mother tongue education.  The language or dialect spoken by the mother is adopted by the child.  The mother tongue is the language of the mountain of death.  Humans speak the mother tongue from birth to death.  Ever since a child is young, his thoughts, dreams, conversations, etc. are in his mother tongue.  When a small child falls, in O .. such words fall from his mouth.  Gandhiji wrote that mother tongue is like mother's milk, which is a sweet and sweet word that is found from the side.  The education taken in the terminology is raw till the time.  The culture, the civilization of the society is found in the mother tongue.  Listen carefully to the sound of crying when a baby is born.  Even a small child's lehka has words like this ... this ... this ...  The education imparted through the mother tongue is a very wonderful work in one's life.  In our India, education is given in the mother tongue by sages.  The mother tongue is the language of freedom.  While another language is the language of slavery.  The mother tongue is a valiant language.  The mother tongue embodies a person's heroism and emotions.  The mother tongue is the accepted language of the society.

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Every people has an attachment to their language and culture.  Giving primary education in mother tongue makes students interested in learning and increases enthusiasm.  Can easily answer questions asked by the teacher.  While answering second language questions requires mental labor.  Translates a word from one's mother tongue into another language.  He is also afraid of getting the answer wrong.  While in the mother tongue there is no need to think of any kind.  Can answer instinctively.  Because the vocabulary of that mother tongue is easily found in it.  He does not hesitate to do so.  Rabindranath Tagore, c.  V.  Great personalities like Raman, Dhirubhai Ambani, Sant Gyaneshwar, Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai were educated in their mother tongue.  The person dealing in the mother tongue is polite.  Because this language has virtues like respect and practicality.

     In our country, a person is greeted with both hands in honor.  Respect is given by bowing down and stepping on the feet.  In the time of kings and maharajas, the feet of sages were washed and revered.  At the root of the rites and civility was the teaching of the mother tongue.  A person educated in the mother tongue is seen in society with a different personality.  Mahatma Gandhi was an advocate of teaching in the mother tongue.  He put a lot of emphasis on mother tongue education.  For many years the mother tongue has been forgotten in the craze of other languages.  A situation has arisen in the society where shame comes.  The mother tongue has been marginalized.  Shame on you for speaking your mother tongue.  The burden of another language is imposed on the children in appearance and they are alienated from the mother tongue.  Sanskrit is alienated from culture.  Culture is given importance to a country other than one's own.

Can enjoy  The ideology of both the new education policy and Gandhiji's education philosophy is the same.  Gandhiji has called the mother tongue as his mother.  He has given much importance to mother tongue in education.  The new education policy has advocated mother tongue education in Chapter 7.  Mother tongue education is given a place because education through mother tongue becomes burdensome.  Students' vocabulary is developed so that they can learn other languages   easily.  In our school, the song "Aav Re Varsad" is sung emotionally to the children, in which the sentiments of our culture are conveyed to the children, while in English the song "Ren Ren Go" does not touch the hearts of the children.  With the help of mother tongue education, one can know the vast universe, understand the natural environment, keep pace with nature and protect the environment.  So, that is, if the child does not know the word of the mother tongue, the child feels like a triangle.  When he has a vocabulary of about 2000 words, the foundation of his mother tongue becomes strong.

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21 July 2021

Home Learning Std 8

As Corona's condition became explosive, schools could no longer resume and exams could not be taken.  Then the government has finally announced to give mass promotion in Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 9-11. Regarding mass promotion, formal resolutions have also been made by the education department for primary and secondary.  Instructed.  The self-governing school governing body has protested against the mass promotion and termed my promotion as fatal for education.  The resolution of the education department made for mass promotion for Std. 1 to 8 in primary states that it is allowed to take children ahead with mass promotion till 2020-21.  This will continue in the future as well and in addition to this the students will be evaluated as per the need from time to time as part of the continuous evaluation as well as the remedial work.  But no student will have to fail based on the results of this assessment.  Detailed instructions in this regard will be issued by
GCERT.  A separate formal resolution of the education department has also been made for mass promotion in Std. 1 and 8.  However, there is no instruction to continue home learning.  But the kit has not come.  To give mass promotion in 8th

July 2021 Home Learning Video

Date 22-07-2021

Date 23-07-2021 Sci-Guj

Date 24-07-2021

Date 26-07-2021 SS-Hin

Date 27-07-2021 EVS

Date 28-07-2021 SCI-ENG

Date 29-07-2021 SCI-GUJ

Date 30-07-2021 MAT-ENG

Date 31-07-2021 Drawing

                  August 2021 Home Learning Video

Date 02-08-2021 SCI

Date 03-08-2021 MAT-HIN

Date 04-08-2021 SS

Date 05-08-2021 ENG-MAT

Date 06-08-2021 SS

Date 07-08-2021 Story Vaidik MAT

Date 09-08-2021 SS

Date 10-08-2021 GUJ-ENG

Date 11-08-2021 SS

Date 12-08-2021 ENG-SCI

Date 13-08-2021 ENG-SCI

Date 14-08-2021 Dr Radhakrishn

Date 17-08-2021 ENG-SS

Date 18-08-2021 SCI-ENG

Date 21-08-2021 Drawing

Date 23-08-2021 SS

Date 24-08-2021 ENG-SCI

Date 25-08-2021 MAT-ENG

Date 26-08-2021 SS

Date 27-08-2021 ENG-SS

Date 28-08-2021 Drawing

Date 31-08-2021 SCI-GUJ

September 2021 Home Learning Video

Date 01-09-2021 HIN-MAT

Date 02-09-2021 ENG-SS

Date 03-09-2021 SCI-ENG

Date 06-09-2021 MAT-ENG

Date 07-09-2021 ENG-SS

Date 08-09-2021 SCI-HIN

Date 09-09-2021 ENG-DRA

Date 11-09-2021 Drawing

Date 13-09-2021 MAT-GUJ

Date 14-09-2021 MAT-SAN

Date 15-09-2021 SCI-HIN

Date 16-09-2021 MAT-GUJ

Date 17-09-2021 GUJ-HIN

Date 18-09-2021 Music

Date 20-09-2021 SCI-ENG

Date 21-09-2021 SS

Date 22-09-2021 SCI-DRA

Date 23-09-2021 SS

Date 24-09-2021 SCI-HIN

October 2021 Home Learning Video

November 2021 Home Learning Video

Date 01-12-2021 SCI

It is allowed to take children forward through mass promotion till 2020-21. At present, the way students are being educated through various mediums under Him Love, this will continue in the near future and in addition to this, students will be continuously evaluated as part of remedial work.  Evaluation will be done as per requirement from time to time.  But no student will have to fail based on the results of this assessment.  Detailed instructions in this regard will be provided by GCERT.  A separate formal resolution of the education department has also been made for mass promotion in Std. 9 and 11.  Nor is there any instruction to continue home learning.  It is important to note that this year too, after Corona, the government has given mass promotions in Std. 1 to 8 and 9-11 this year as well.  This online education and home learning will not make any sense when Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 11 students are given online education during the year. The Jai government of CBSE board should also promote children to the next standard on the basis of evaluation of internal examinations.

As schools have stopped online education from today following the government's order not to charge fees, the state government today announced on the issue that students of Std. 1 to 12 in private schools in the state will not be deprived of education.  .  The Education Minister announced today that the government will provide free education to children in Std. 1 to 12.  Home learning will be done in both English and Gujarati mediums.  In this regard, discussions were held with GCERT and Gujarat Board of Education and instructions were given to make preparations.  Study work is going on in Std. 9 to 12 from Vande Gujarat channel and DD Girnar channel.  Apart from this, for English medium students in Std. 9 to 12, programs of both mediums for Std. 1 to 12 will be broadcast on Vande Gujarat Channel No. 1 to 16.  These programs will run seven days a week and 24 hours a day.  Apart from this, educational programs broadcasted by Vande Gujarat channels can be viewed from the Geo TV application in the mobile phone with Geo SIM card.  In addition, Virtual Classroom Lexures in Std. 9th to 12th are also being offered from GCERT's YouTube channel which students can watch at any time.  The program of TV channels was also spent in free education.

Home Learning Patrak 1

Home Learning Patrak 2

Home Learning Patrak 3

Home Learning All Info Click Here

The government has also announced online education for the students of all the private schools in the state, but already the TV channels are running M-Learning through YouTube and in which all the children of private schools under Gujarat can do M-learning.  No separate programs are prepared or to be prepared for public and private school children. In addition, the government has devoted the programs aired on Sir Channels to free online education.  Online education has to be considered for that and the issue of fees as well as teachers' salaries.  Most of the schools remained closed, online education was not done. After the government decided not to charge fees, the schools have stopped online education from today and also closed all the administrative work.  So parents' school-oriented Ray continued online education.  The schools of had stopped online education.  However some.

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